About Nourished Beginnings

My mission at Nourished Beginnings is to set a new standard for what is acceptable nutrition in child care centres and family dinner tables throughout Australia. Our children are our future and it is my aim to assist child care centres and families in providing them with the absolute highest quality food education and nourishment that their children require to grow and develop into healthy adults with strong food values and a healthy relationship with food for life.

Healthy Eating

So, what exactly is ‘healthy’ eating? There are so many different viewpoints on this topic that it is extremely easy to get caught up in the confusion and just throw it into the too hard basket. This is particularly evident not only around the family dinner table but also in a setting like a child care centre where time and money are both limited resources. It has also become an issue in many households due to hectic and demanding schedules. That’s where Nourished Beginnings comes in. I can help remove the stress and confusion and make healthy eating super easy and fun. I believe that healthy eating comes down to a combination of things that make up your food philosophy or food values. It’s certainly not just about what food you eat.

At Nourished Beginnings, our food philosophy is broken down into four categories:

Simplistic  –  Nourishing  –   Educational  –  Joyful

And it all starts with: The Whole Food Principle

Whole food is food that is eaten as close to it’s natural state as possible. No additives, unprocessed, unrefined and little to no traces of chemicals. It is thinking about where our food comes from and the processes that are undertaken to get it to our plates. Whole food is enjoying the food we are eating whilst appreciating and understanding the nourishment it is giving our bodies.  Wholefood is real food.

With hectic lives and busy centre schedules, we don’t often give our children the opportunity to learn to appreciate real food. We think that vegetables must be hidden in order to be eaten. This is where our society has lost it’s way. We are so busy in our lives we think it’s easier to hide vegetables than have to sit down and enjoy our meals with our children and talk about food. To explain the foods that are nourishing for our bodies and why. To explain that fast food is a sometimes food and why.

In a child care setting, and around the family dinner table you have the perfect opportunity to sit with the children and talk about food. To encourage them to try new foods. To explain what foods help them run faster, concentrate better, or make us feel better when we’re sick. This is crucial in setting them up for a healthy relationship with food for life.


Eating healthy food does not have to be hard or stressful. More often than not, the most delicious food is that which is prepared simply, highlighting the natural flavours of each food.


The most basic principle of eating is to nourish our bodies. With the body and mind of a child constantly changing, growing and developing, the demand for nutrient dense food is essential. If we want to give our children the best chance in life, we are obligated to do our best in providing them with not only the foods they need but also the education that is essential to see them develop healthy eating habits as teenagers and later as adults.


Like learning to walk, talk, write or ride a bike, learning to make healthy food choices is something that is a learned behaviour. Children need to learn how healthy and unhealthy foods make them feel. They need to learn the difference between sometimes food and real food. They need to learn the effect eating certain foods have on their bodies.

As a child care centre, you have a fantastic opportunity to give your children the education they deserve and encourage them to try different foods and think about what they are putting into their bodies. And the same goes for the family dinner table. What better opportunity is there to educate your children?


This is just as important as anything I have already mentioned above. You need to make eating a joyful experience so that your children will grow to have a positive relationship with food. Making food joyful will ensure they continue to make the right choices when it comes to eating. To know that it’s okay to have sometimes food (junk food) occasionally but they can connect with how it makes them feel. And most importantly, eating should be a happy, loving, joyful experience.

It is with a combination of these elements that Nourished Beginnings has developed a food program that will see you take a positive step toward nourishing your children.

Healthy Children = Healthy Future