1 July, 2019

Whole Food Pantry – Pancakes

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4 June, 2019

Banana Oat Biscuits

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2 May, 2019

Reading food labels: How much sugar are you eating?

A couple of weeks ago Addison asked me to come to her year 3 class to talk to her friends about sugar and healthy lunchbox choices. Our main discussio

1 April, 2019

Colour Your Plate Activity Sheet

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28 February, 2019

Dairy Free Ice Cream

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7 January, 2019

Mystery Shopping – Yoghurt

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4 December, 2018

Choc Berry Bliss Balls

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7 November, 2018

Berry Green Super Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to get maximum nutrition with minimal effort. A great summer breakfast / snack for the whole family! Click here to print &nb

11 October, 2018

Fruit & Vegetable Colouring in Pages

Download the Fruit colouring in page Download the Vegetable colouring in page

Just another tantrum?

Let’s talk toddler tantrums. You know, the one where you’re at the shops and your child is bright red in the face and screaming as you try and negotiate your way out...