Lunchbox Ninja (Hardcopy)

Lunchbox Ninja (Hardcopy)


Do you want a year of stress free lunches?

Lunchbox Ninja is your guide to simple, healthy, delicious school lunches. Using just 20 recipes, and baking only x4 a year, Katie will show you how to create a year of healthy school lunches.

This book is not about using fancy pants ingredients. It is about getting back in the kitchen and making delicious food from scratch. Using ingredients as close to their natural state as possible, as nature intended. Food to nourish young minds, bodies and souls.

This book is for you if:

  • You’re sick and tired of making the same old vegemite sandwiches.

  • You’re sick and tired of lunch boxes coming back ¾ full.

  • You want to spend less time thinking about and preparing lunches every single day.

This book is especially for you if you want all of those things AND for the food to be nutritious, yummy and quick to prepare.

20 recipes | 1 year of school lunches

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