The best time to start is now

Just start.

The thing about transforming the way you eat is that there never seems like a good time to start. Life is always too busy.

Make breakfast, feed the kids, do the dishes, do the washing (only 4 loads to do today!), take the kids to the park, make lunch, do the dishes, take an hour to get the kids to sleep, continue with the washing…

With so much going on, do you really have time to think about the food you’re eating? Not only are you too busy, you’re also confused. With social media playing a major part in how you gather and digest information, you are constantly bombarded with ‘the latest and greatest’ diet trends. While some of this information can be a great resource, it can also be very confusing when you are just starting on your health food journey. When you see such diet trends, you might ask yourself:

‘Is this the ONE diet that is going to change our lives?’
‘Can we really achieve those amazing results?’
‘Will my kids actually eat that food?’
‘Can I really find the time to do this?’?’


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By the time you’ve asked all these questions, you’ve given up before you’ve even begun because, well it’s all just too hard and it probably won’t work anyway.

Let me tell you something – everyone starts at the beginning and there will always be someone doing it better than you. You don’t need to change everything at once and no one starts out that way but the only way to achieve a healthy change is to start. Start with the things that you can easily control and go from there. And you know what? Starting this way will ensure greater success. Making little changes often will make the transition seem effortless. It will enable you the time needed to listen to your body and and really see those connections in your child’s health and behavioural issues.

One of the best ways to get started is to assess you families current diet and relationship to food. There is no point in only making a ‘food change’ if you don’t yet understand your physical and emotional relationship with food. This is key if your family is to sustain any changes. You need to unlock these fundamental beliefs and decide as a family that changing not only the type of food you eat but also your beliefs around food is what will ensure your success.


So, no more excuses right? Even though Christmas is just around the corner, the sooner you get started the better. So if you haven’t already, sign up for our mail list and grab your free ‘Nourishing Families Handbook’ which contains your ready to print family food journals.

I know that writing down what you eat everyday can be a little confronting – I mean, you can’t deny what you’ve had that day if you see it there in black and white! I cannot state enough, the importance of honesty here. Now is not the time to start ‘eating healthy’ just so it looks good in your journal. Now is the time to be honest with yourself and where your family is at with their relationship with food. After you have completed and assessed your journals then you can start making the changes that are specific to your needs. I promise, this exercise will be a real eye opener for you and once you really see your diet, there is no going back.


Knowledge is power and you have the power to make a change that will forever benefit your family.


Katie Harding
Katie Harding

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