About Katie

Nutritionist, Whole Food Enthusiast and Mum

About Me - Katie Harding

Nourished Beginnings was founded by me – Katie Harding, a Nutritionist, whole food enthusiast and mother of two beautiful girls. Since becoming a mum, eating nutritious whole food has become not only a passion but a way of life. It’s with this passion, expertise in children’s nutrition and first hand experience working as a child care food coordinator that I aim to effect positive change within the child care industry, for families and for mums looking to make a healthy change.

Katie Harding

  • CEO Nourished Beginnings
  • Bachelor of Health Science (comp. med)
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutrition
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy

My Story

To me it is as simple as wanting to provide the very best start for my child. I just don’t expect her to eat ‘food’ that is synthetic and not even close to it’s natural state. We are not made to consume ‘fake food’ or fast food on a regular basis . Our bodies thrive on nutrient dense foods that are as close to their natural state as possible – whole food. It is so sad to see that highly processed foods have become the norm and now shape the majority of many children’s diets.

This doesn’t mean I am super strict all of the time. I believe that if I educate my daughter in eating the right food at home then when she goes to a party she can eat what she chooses. I can only educate her on how to make healthy choices. The rest is up to her. I am happy knowing that she is having the right food 95% of the time. As she gets older, she will know what foods make her feel good and what foods taste processed and make her feel sick and she will hopefully make the healthier choice.

Have I always been healthy? Definitely not. As an eighties baby, I had my fair share of packaged food with the microwave being used on a daily basis. My parents generation were at the height of the convenience food phenomenon – ‘it comes in a packed and I just add water? WOW’ how convenient! But just what was in said packet? Plenty of preservatives, a splash of ‘flavouring’, a dash of food colouring…oh, and a pinch of actual food’.

Needless to say, my twenties were filled with white pasta and a jar of pasta sauce. It actually wasn’t until I met my husband (the same year I started my Nutrition degree) and he taught me how to cook (you know, from scratch!) that I began my love affair with food. It has been many years through trial and error, lots of reading, experimenting with vegetarianism, consulting with many nutrition clients and becoming a mum that I have finally figured it out. There really is no secret formula.


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